For Cause-Marketing, Location is Key

Cause-marketing is one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry today, and for good reason.  Customers want a business that supports a cause, and they often buy products because they are cause-related.  But are some areas more likely to buy into cause-marketing than others?  GbBIS looks at what role location plays in cause-marketing. 


Eighty-three percent of Americans say they wish brands would support causes, and 41% have bought a product because it was associated with a cause. That figure has doubled since 1993, according to the 2010 Cause Evolution Study from Cone.  Though marketers are spending more on cause-marketing strategies, not all causes are equal.  Knowing your customers is a big key.  Some communities are concerned with saving the local theater and some are concerned with helping their schools.

When viewing data that shows which charities are popular in different areas of the US, it becomes obvious that causes change with location.  Median household income is another factor that dictates which causes an individual is more likely to support.

Wealthy suburbs and college counties donate more across the board, particularly to public radio and public TV.  Conservative evangelical counties usually have lower than average median household income, and donate less across the board.  That is, except for religious organization contributions.  Areas with a larger elderly population typically donate more to health organizations.

To take advantage of the increasing popularity of cause-marketing, you need to know demographics and you need to know locations.  You need to identify what causes are appropriate for your customers’ ages, incomes, and locations.  With the most accurate demographic data from GbBIS, you can profile customers in any geographic area.  Our maps, web applications, reports, and databases can help you select the best cause-marketing campaign using geography and demographics.


Contact GbBIs today and discover how our demographic data can help you find the right customers for your cause. 


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