Personalized Direct Mail Sees High Responses

The Postal Service touts mail as the great communicator, and its obvious why.  While mobile technology allows us to communicate more quickly and frequently, mail does not require monthly subscription plans and doesn’t lose signal.  So, when facing financial uncertainty, why do businesses often cut their direct mail costs first—especially when direct mail, done correctly, has higher return rates than other types of marketing campaigns?  GbBIS looks at how companies can improve the effectiveness of their direct mail by adding a personal touch. 

Personalization is not a new direct mailing technique, but it is one that many businesses may dismiss.  The fact is this: personalized direct mail often produces better results and higher response rates.  It establishes a relationship between the recipient and the business because the recipient feels valued. This sense of value translates to customer loyalty and increased sales.

We’ve found a few of the preferred methods for personalizing direct mail that result in increased conversion rates:

1. Add a post-it note or a hand written letter to the ad piece
2. Provide service information to people in need to get them in the door.
3. Make the mailing memorable with a sample or joke.
4. Use revolving special offers.

Personalization, however, can be time consuming and can often be expensive. Since this is the case, use strategy, timing, and promotions to get the most advantage from the model and it can easily pay off.

But you won’t be able to personalize your direct mail without knowing just who your customers are.  Demographic data (including household incomes, age, gender, and household size, as well as consumption data) can help your company become better acquainted with your customers.  You can find out who is most likely to buy your products and where they live.  Using the most accurate demographic data from GbBIS, your business can find the best ways to give your direct mail that personal touch.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how our demographic data can help you identify your customers and assess your markets. 


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