How Will Amazon Same-Day Delivery Affect Local Retailers

By now, almost everyone in the retail business has heard of Amazon’s proposed same-day delivery service.  For consumers, this is an amazing new offer from one of the world’s largest online companies.  Local retailers, however, have a less than positive outlook on this new delivery service.  GbBIS looks at the impact of Amazon’s same-day delivery service. 


Shoppers already flock to to save on their favorite items.  Because of a Supreme Court ruling in 1992, only firms with a physical presence in a state are required to collect taxes from residents, allowing many shoppers on Amazon to buy things tax free.  However, Amazon recently agreed to begin collecting sales tax from purchases made in several states in the US.  Recently it was revealed to be a smaller part of Amazon’s bigger plan: by collecting a sales tax, Amazon can set up shop in major metropolitan areas and begin offering these areas an unbeatable same-day delivery service.

While Amazon strives to make its ordering and shipping processes more efficient, local retailers are a bit worried.  Many retailers have argued that once Amazon plays fairly on taxes, the company wouldn’t look like such a great deal to most consumers.  If prices were equal, you’d always go with the “instant gratification” of shopping in the real world. The trouble with that argument is that shopping offline isn’t really “instant”—it takes time to get in the car, go to the store, find what you want, stand in line, and drive back home. Getting something shipped to your house offers gratification that’s even more instant: you order something in the morning and get it later in the day, without doing anything else.

Efficient delivery services can mean the difference between customers choosing a local retail store and an online service like Amazon.  However, delivery services can vary so much between companies.  A prompt and speedy delivery service can help customers choose you over a rival company.  Whether you are delivering pizzas, moving boxes, or parcels, planning the best delivery route is pivotal to your success.

Enter GbBIS.  We’ve been helping businesses with delivery planning for more than 25 years.  Using the most accurate, up-to-date data, GbBIS creates maps, reports, web applications, and databases that help you manage any area of your business impacted by geography.  Design better delivery routes using detailed street data, ZIP Code, and carrier route boundaries.  Create delivery zones using drive-time and radius reports.  GbBIS gives you the tools you need to plan the most efficient delivery routes and reach the greatest number of customers.


Contact GbBIS today and discover how we can help you plan the most efficient delivery routes. 

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