GbBIS Introduces the Most Accurate ZIP+4 Demographic Data

Businesses benefit from advanced technology that accurately projects demographic data  into ZIP+4 geographies

Irvine, CA— July 24, 2012— GbBIS (, a leading resource for geography-based business information solutions, announced today the release of ZIP+4 demographic data.  Using advanced proprietary technology, GbBIS most accurately projects demographic data into ZIP+4 geographies created to the CASS Certification standards.  Annual, quarterly, and monthly updates are available.  ZIP+4 demographics help businesses target neighborhoods for direct mail, as well as organize mailings to maximize postal discounts.


GbBIS’s proprietary process projects demographic data from Nielsen™, AGS, and the US Census Bureau, into ZIP+4 postal geographies.  GbBIS technology applies USPS® postal delivery data and street databases  to produce the most accurate projections.  Businesses receive demographic data, Census information, and product consumption statistics, giving them an efficient way to organize and target their direct mail.  ZIP+4 demographic data gives businesses a detailed way to evaluate their target market by neighborhood and make business decisions based on variations between neighborhoods.


Dan Olasin, President and CEO of GbBIS states that “our proprietary process ensures that demographic data is accurately projected into ZIP+4 areas.  Monthly updates and CASS Certification compatibility deliver information businesses can trust.”

ZIP+4 demographic data is available as data on maps, databases, reports, and web applications.  Businesses interested in accurate data to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their direct mail should contact Theresa Bordas, National Client Services Manager, at 1-877-447-6277 or


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