Marketing Officers Offer Analysis for Targeting College Students

College students can often be a difficult and fickle market.  Luckily, DigitalMediaIX, a company specializing in digital brand marketing, has done the research to find the best ways of reaching college students.  In their recently released report, the company has found that 91% of college students rely on some form of online media to directly engage with brands.  GbBIS  takes a look at what other interesting facts this report has released. 

DigitalMediaIX’s report, entitled “The Digital Generation: College Students, Brands, and Engagement with Digital Media,” is based on a survey of more than 2,000 students from Big Ten universities.  The study focused on the most frequently used social media sites and consumer trends among college students.

David Bunzel, the author of the report and CEO of DigitalMediaIX says that college students “have grown up with online media, they surf the internet and seek out information like no other market segment.” ”They are also more particular about what types of digital media they use and they know what they like and what is not worth their time.”


“Trying to understand how a consumer shifts from brand awareness to buying a product is the Holy Grail of marketing today,” noted Bunzel. “Because college students rely on online sources for so much of their media consumption, marketers must recognize this opportunity to build loyalty and establish customers for the future.”

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