USPS to Make Direct Mail Service Permanent

The Post Office’s trial run of their ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ service has seen great success.  Generating a substantial amount of profits for the Postal Service, and providing an efficient method for small businesses to send direct mail, USPS is hoping to add the service to its portfolio of products.  GbBIS, a leading provider of direct mail web applications and demographic data, takes a look at the success of USPS’s ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ program. 


EDDM is a saturation mailing service that allows businesses to send up to 5,000 pieces of advertising materials to every residential address on a postal carrier route, without requiring a mailing permit.  Using an online tool, businesses can select which carrier routes they want to send to, and drop their advertising materials off at their local post office for mailing.  The program is designed to help small businesses that have not used direct mail before discover the benefits of such an advertising campaign.


Since its trials last year, ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ (EDDM) has proved successful.  The retail program has brought in $43 million in revenues, while revenues since the start of April – when USPS launched a major advertising campaign surrounding the service – have already reached $38 million.  Up to June, more than 32,000 small businesses had signed up to participate in the program, while there have been more than 105,000 transactions at post offices.


“The market test has already demonstrated that sending advertising mail to every address within a community, with fewer rules, rates, and regulations, is a popular way to connect to potential and actual local customers,” the USPS told regulators.  Executives have said including the bulk mail version of the service, they want to see Every Door Direct Mail become a billion dollar revenue generator.

Even in the digital age, direct mail is still an effective method to increase brand awareness and stay connected to your customers.  GbBIS offers the most accurate information, such as carrier route boundaries , ZIP+4 boundaries, demographic data, and consumer mailing lists  to help your business identify where your direct mail will be the most effective and help maximize postal discounts.  GbBIS provides businesses with web applications, databases, maps, and reports to help improve their direct mail strategies.


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