3 Must-Have Marketing Investments

GbBIS provides businesses with valuable data and web applications  to improve their marketing campaigns.  GbBIS demographic data helps businesses better target their market and Direct Mail Management helps them increase the efficiency and impact of their direct mail.  However, according to a recent article on Mashable.com, there are 3 things that every marketing department must have before it seeks out management tools like the ones that GbBIS offers.  GbBIS looks at Mashable.com’s list of the ‘3 Must-Have Marketing Investments.’ 

Heidi Cohen writes: “summer signals the beginning of budget season.”  She explains the 3 must-have investments that take first priority in the marketing world:

1. Social Media

Social media provides platforms, enabling marketers to interact with their target audience. Social media involves more than a Facebook page or Twitter account. It requires an integrated social media strategy including a social media persona to ensure it’s an integral part of your marketing.

-Assess current social media presence. Is your brand present on appropriate social media networks? Are you actively managing your presence? Are there emerging social media platforms relevant to your firm, focus, or target market where you must establish your presence?

-Evaluate your brand’s portrayal across social media platforms. Is your brand consistently presented? Do your branding guidelines need to be enhanced?

-Determine the engagement level you need on social media platforms. Remember, you can’t rely on three tweets a day written by your agency. You need a human face behind your social media presence. Ensure you’ve got appropriate in-house resources to respond to social media requests.

-Create relevant content to feed social media needs. Assess requirements across content formats and social media platforms. Include formal content marketing as well as social media interactions like Facebook comments and Twitter responses.

-Support your social media presence with targeted advertising. Do you need to enhance your social media presence with related paid advertising? Consider the use of social media ads.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is promotion-free information that fuels social media and overcomes purchase decision hurdles. (Here’s an outline of content marketing’s basic steps.)

-Analyze content marketing needs. Assess the existing content within your organization. Then determine where you have content marketing needs and where you have holes in your existing offering. Specifically examine the entire purchase process and social media interactions.

-Integrate content marketing into an editorial calendar. Determine where content is needed, the format and topic required, and the timing of its creation based on your assessment. Incorporate this information into a plan across platforms to ensure it’s synched with your promotional calendar. Plan for content reuse to extend the life of each element.

-Acquire appropriate resources for your content creation team. At a minimum, you need an editor and a copy editor. While you can encourage employees and customers to contribute content, determine where you need additional support. Don’t underestimate the need for designers, photographers, writers and technology support. These resources can be internal, freelance or agency-based.

-Expand content marketing reach. Make it easy for readers to share your information with social sharing buttons. Where appropriate, use advertising to promote your content and build an audience.

-Ensure content marketing closes sales. Content marketing by itself can’t drive sales. It needs calls-to-action and related dedicated promotional codes. Further, create tailored landing pages and streamline the sales process to efficiently convert prospects to sales.

3. Mobile

Mobileis a must-have for every business with a retail presence or that competes with a business that has a retail presence since mobiles and tablets go shopping.

-Be present on mobile search. Mobile search is separate from web search. Local businesses that people seek on-the-go must be findable on mobile search.

-Build a mobile website. Don’t just assume people can read your web-optimized site on a mobile device. Create a streamlined mobile website focused on the information customers want on-the-go.

-Build a mobile phone number house file. If you don’t have a mobile phone list, start building one now.

-Optimize your emailings for mobile devices. Email is the primary content consumed on mobile devices. Ensure readers can easily read and take action on your emailings via a connected device.

-Assess need for a mobile app. In the past year, mobile app usage has surged ahead of mobile web, according to Flurry. Depending on your business, this shift may require investment in a mobile app.

Following Heidi’s advice can lead your business to better brand awareness, and increased exposure for your products.  But for even more help with your marketing strategies, consult GbBIS.  For over 25 years, GbBIS has been providing businesses with the most accurate data to help them profile customers, better target their markets, and much more.  Using maps, web applications, reports, and mapping databases, we can even help you identify new markets and help you evaluate business sites.  Our Mobile Locator is a cross-platform locator application, allowing your customers to find your locations on their computers, tablets, or smartphones.  Stay in touch with your customer base and better manage your marketing efforts with GbBIS.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how our data and web applications can help you improve your business.


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Image 1 via gbbis.com, Image 2 via mashable.com, Image 3 via smartphonewebcreator.com, Image 4 via gbbis.com


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