UK Company Cuts Fuel Costs with Smart Delivery Technology

With fuel consumption often being as much as 10 to 15% of total operating costs for companies that offer delivery services, businesses need a way to cut costs and make their delivery routes more efficient.  A UK-based tile company has found a way to do both.  GbBIS —a provider of delivery route planning products and services—takes a look at how Hampshire Tile Warehouse used smart delivery technology to improve delivery routes and save money. 


Located in Worcester, United Kingdom, Hampshire Tile Warehouse is a family-run multi-site business, supplying tiling products throughout the UK. With a high delivery volume, complex route planning has historically taken up a considerable portion of the firm’s resourcesHowever, the company has turned to the hi-tech resources of Postcode Anywhere to help make their delivery planning a bit easier, make their customers happier, and hopefully save on fuel costs.

Simon Bond, IT Manager at Hampshire Tile Warehouse, said: “We heard about Postcode Anywhere’s Route Optimiser services and thought we would give it a thorough trial using only one vehicle.”

Postcode Anywhere’s Route Optimisation is a web application that uses TomTom data to plan the most efficient delivery routes.  After inputting your delivery locations, it finds the shortest distances to get from point A to point B.  Bond relates the benefits he experienced during Hampshire Tile Warehouse’s trial run:

“The benefits of using the service during the trial period have already been significant in saving fuel and time. We’ve saved an hour per day and cut diesel consumption by over 10% when trialing it with one vehicle. Just imagine how much we will save when we adopt it fleet-wide!”

Managing director of Postcode Anywhere, Guy Mucklow said: “Route Optimiser gives better routes in a fraction of the time it takes to plot them manually. And because the routes it generates are more efficient, you can make more journeys in the day and still save money on labour and fuel.”

“Customer satisfaction is incredibly important in any industry, but even more so in retail. When you’re making deliveries it’s crucial you don’t just get it right most of the time – but every time. For commercial use, being able to provide estimated arrival or delivery times makes a huge difference to the level of customer service you can provide.”

Planning efficient delivery routes not only saves your company in fuel costs, but it also allows you to make quicker delivers, save time, and better serve your customers.  If your company needs help designing delivery routes, consult GbBIS.  We have over 25 years of experience using the most accurate geographic and traffic data to assist businesses in designing the best delivery routes for their needs.  Whether you need to design the quickest routes, shortest routes, or routes that hit all your delivery locations in a certain order, GbBIS can help you do it with detail and precision.  With our extensive collection of maps, web applications, business reports, and mapping data, GbBIS has the resources and experience to help you plan the most efficient delivery routes.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how, with our help, you can plan the most efficient delivery routes for your needs.

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