TomTom Begins Updating its Data Every Day

At GbBIS, we’ve always believed that the most accurate, frequently updated mapping data will produce the best results.  TomTom, a big player in the digital mapping world, announced recently that it will be updating its mapping data on a daily basis for no additional charge to users.  GbBIS looks at how TomTom achieves such frequent updates. 


TomTom was a prominent force in the mapping world, even before it signed on to work with Apple on the new iOS maps app.  Now, it seems that the Dutch manufacturer and data provider is looking to offer the most up-to-date information to its users.

With a dedicated pool of users, TomTom is able to utilize shared information on traffic, road closures, and construction to update its maps every day.  Repair work and burst pipe incidents will be reported as soon as they are discovered by TomTom users.

Such frequent updates have in the past been a premium product for TomTom, but it has now announced that it plans to share the data across each and every portable device which uses its navigation systems. Presumably, that includes iOS devices, too. TomTom’s Managing Director explains:

“Roads change all the time. Overnight, roads can close or traffic can be diverted, having a big impact on people’s journey times. With Map Share, drivers can update their own map themselves straightaway. Plus, we have an active community of drivers who share around 250,000 road changes with TomTom each other every month. We are pleased to expand our community, because the more people who use Map Share the greater the navigation experience for all our customers.”

Mapping data has evolved quite a bit in the last few years.  At GbBIS, we offer businesses access to the most accurate, frequently updated geographic and demographic data.  Our resources and experience allow us to format important data using the method most appropriate for your business’s needs and applications.  Whether you’re looking for a business map that marks store locations, a web application  that allows you to design efficient sales territories, consumer mailing lists and drive time reports , or databases to use with your mapping software, GbBIS can fulfill all your geography-based needs with precision and detail.

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