Franchise Networks Extend a Helping Hand to Veterans

As many military-service men and women return from duty, they are being encouraged to take part in franchise opportunities.  Two companies, The UPS Store and Chem-Dry, have recently published documents stating their intention to help veterans transition back into civilian life by providing incentives for franchise ownership.  As one of the leading providers of franchise maps and territory management web applications , GbBIS takes an interested look at the efforts of these companies and how they can help veterans own franchises. 


As part of “Operation Enduring Opportunity,” a national initiative to recruit and/or hire as many as 75,000 military veterans and their family members by the end of 2014, The UPS Store waived the franchise fee of $29,950 for 10 veterans to open new locations last November.  Recently, they have decided to extend the offer to another 10 within this year.  With such a large waiver, they hope to make a large impact in the lives of hopeful US veterans.

Tim Davis, vice president of operations for The UPS Store franchise network and a former U.S. Marine, announced the extension of the company’s initiative last Thursday at Petco Park in San Diego.

“It is humbling to see other veterans realize their dream of opening their own business,”Davissaid. “Veterans have experiences that really apply to running a small business. They are accustomed to structure and the skills taught and nurtured in the armed forces: listening, problem solving, being able to think on your feet, laying out a mission, setting goals and executing.”

For the Fourth of July celebration, Chem-Dry, one of theUS’s leading cleaning services, shared the success of its veteran franchise owners:

“When he left the Air Force 20 years ago, Sean Tinsley didn’t care what kind of work he did as long as he succeeded at it. He now owns seven franchise businesses in Tennessee and makes a six-figure salary.”

“Jeremy Dillon dropped out of high school in Indiana– and after four years in the Marines and three tours of duty inIraq, he came home determined to succeed as a small businessman. Dillon now owns and operates a growing franchise inNorth Carolina.”

According to one veteran Chem-Dry franchisee, Chem-Dry provides a great opportunity for veterans to transition back into civilian life without needing a lot of experience in the industry.  “I like to say it’s simple but not easy.  You have to have drive and general business sense, and you’ll put in a lot of long hours at first, but you don’t need a huge amount of training or expertise. As long as you have some basic technical proficiency and a desire to succeed, you can make a great life with Chem-Dry.”

These two franchise networks give veterans the helping hand they need to achieve their business-owning goals.  They provide financial incentives and a structured support system to help military veterans get their franchises off the ground.  But if any franchise owner wants their company to truly succeed, they need help to manage their franchise.  GbBIS provides maps, web applications, business reports , and databases to help franchises achieve success.  Using the most accurate data, GbBIS creates franchise maps that allow franchise owners to view their franchise boundaries, better visualize their target market, and mark the locations of competitors.  Our web applications allow franchises to generate mailing lists  according to their demographic and geographic criteria, manage their direct mail, view sales data, and geocode locations with detail and precision.  With an extensive library of data and 25 years of experience, GbBIS can help manage any area of your business influenced by geography.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how we can help you better manage your franchise.

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