High-Tech Tax Maps Show Better Property Detail

Mapping technology has come a long way.  High-tech digital maps are now being used by government officials to better visualize property, plan highways and roads, and much more.  In Jefferson Township, NJ, government officials have taken another step into the digital age, using new digital maps to help assess property value and create a more transparent process of evaluating property taxes.  As a provider of geographic-based business information solutions, GbBIS looks at how advanced mapping technology can help government run more efficiently. 

Have you ever wondered exactly how your taxes are calculated, or maybe what it is about your specific property that causes it to be assessed the way it is? Shawn Hopkins, theJeffersonTownshiptax assessor, is now better equipped to answer those questions with the township’s new tax map.  Using advanced mapping technology,Hopkins’ digital tax map allows him to assess property more easily and more accurately than before.

“The GIS system provides more accurate capability in making fair tax assessments,” said Stephen Rice, GIS Manager forMorrisCounty. The assessor has a tool where he or she can do a more efficient job of analyzing components that go into making decisions.”  Rice commented that the digital tax map “builds a transparency in government. It goes a long way for residents to see the details of property taxation and all the inputs that the tax assessor is using. They can see exactly where money is being collected and how and why.”

Hopkinswas pleased with the new technology.  “This tax map issue has been the bane of my existence for 23 years,” he said. “Now the technology has caught up with our vision, and we have produced a digital tax map that far exceeds what I had hoped for.”

The map utilizes geospatial information software for use and maintenance of the maps. The software provides maps with several more accurate surveys, via the use of aerial photography.  This allows tax assessor Shawn Hopkins to use the most precise and detailed data when evaluating property tax.  The map’s features include zoning details, hydrology and building footprints.

The map’s capabilities will putJeffersonTownshipahead of other municipalities in the state, and even far ahead of the state ofNew Jersey. Rice said the township was so far ahead of the curve that it would take the state five years to catch up.

New mapping technology provides the Jefferson Township government with ways to more efficiently assess property value.  At GbBIS, we believe that the most accurate and broadest range of mapping data can help create new solutions for businesses or anyone affected by geography or demographics.  GbBIS employs an extensive library of postal, street, geographic, demographic, and proprietary data to create web applications, maps, reports, and databases that help companies plan and organize their projects.  Sales territory design, direct mail management, delivery route planning, and target marketing are all simplified with GbBIS’s advanced technology.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how our advanced technology can help invent new solutions for your company.

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