What Can Businesses Learn From Political Marketing?

It’s an election year and we are seeing more and more political appearances, political commercials, and campaign speeches, or, as they’re also known: political marketing. Political marketing is running rampant and the minds at FastCompany.com have found ways in which businesses can benefit from political marketing strategies. As a company that offers mapping solutions to help businesses identify and better target their market, we at GbBIS have taken notice of their suggestions.

According to an article by Tom Cotton at FastCompany.com, if you weed through all the negative aspects of political ads, something rather interesting can be found. “It may sound crazy, but it’s the cornerstone of successful political marketing. It’s called ‘ignoring your opposition,’ and it’s probably the biggest ‘ah-hah’ mainstream marketers can glean from the art and science of political marketing.” As Cotton explains, following the political marketing model, you can “double your sales by selling to half your current target audience.”

While this concept may not sound kosher to most marketers, Cotton gives an analogy for his theory:
Imagine you’re back in college, single, and looking for a meaningful relationship. Your friend tells you he’s been invited to a great cocktail party and there’ll be 10 single ladies there. Which strategy would you choose to optimize your chances?

1. Make sure you talk to ALL TEN women, giving each one the same prepared rap, and hope that four or five show some interest, and finally really connect with one.
2. “Scope the room” upon your arrival, make up your mind which three women are the most-likely compatibles with you, spend three times as much time with each, and tailor your conversation to each of their interests.
Duh, #2, right?

As Cotton goes on, he puts his point in terms of political ideology: “if you consistently vote for one of the two major party’s candidates, you already get this: You’re probably not voting “for the other side” no matter what you see or hear from the other party. You are in their “opposition.” And every brand in the world has its opposition.”

Cotton’s theory certainly seems interesting. Although many marketers won’t agree with his idea of cutting out half of their target market, GbBIS can offer a different perspective on his ideas. Rather than looking for ways to “cut your target market in half,” look for ways to better define your target market. Using demographic data such as population statistics and product consumption data, GbBIS can help your business create a target market that is more likely to buy your products and respond to your direct mail. Define your market by age, median income, geographic area, and much more. With GbBIS’s accurate data and maps, we can topographically mark each neighborhood or household that is in your target market, defining your market with detail and precision. GbBIS’s web applications and mapping data help you streamline direct mailing, cut costs, and increase ROI.

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Contact GbBIS today and discover how our mapping solutions can help you better target your market.




source:  http://www.fastcompany.com/1840266/how-to-cut-your-target-in-half-but-double-the-vote-for-your-brand


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