Google’s Effort to Map the World

In the last few weeks we’ve seen headlines mentioning the rivalry between Apple and Google and their attempts to create the most comprehensive, detailed maps for smartphones and web-browsers.  While GbBIS is staying clear of their rivalry, we can’t help but notice Google’s new ‘Backpack Camera’ as their next step in mapping the world. 

 The competition between Apple and Google in their quests to create the most detailed maps for smartphones and web-browsers has become public knowledge.  But now, Google is taking the next step.  Google is launching a new “Street View Trekker” backpack camera that, when carried by foot, can chart anyplace on Earth, from difficult mountainous terrain to jungle tracks to the narrowest urban alleys.  The internet search giant said the 40-lb. backpack camera represents “another step forward” in its move to create a comprehensive map of the world.

“There’s a whole wilderness out there that is only accessible by foot. Trekker solves that problem by enabling us to photograph beautiful places such as theGrand Canyonso anyone can explore them,” Google said at its Street View Trekker launch earlier this month.  This announcement follows news that Google is planning to use airplane-mounted cameras to create 3D maps of entire cities for their mobile devices (Apple has also recruited a private fleet of airplanes equipped with military standard cameras to produce 3D maps accurate enough to film people in their homes through skylights).


The ‘Backpack Camera’ actually holds several 15-megapixel cameras, a hard drive and a battery that will last an entire day.  The cameras are positioned to give a 360-degree view that will capture every possible angle.  Recently, however, Google has received some strong criticism over their Street View cars.  Apparently the cars that gathered Street View images also gathered personal information from unsecured household Wi-Fi networks, leading many to question whether or not Google’s effort to map the world will compromise personal privacy.

We may not have a fleet of airplanes at our disposal to create 3D images of your business site, but GbBIS can supply you with the means to effectively evaluate that business site.  Our mapping products are designed to simplify your complex data and help invent new solutions for your business.  Rather than focus on mapping the world, we customize our solutions to fit your specific business needs and applications.  Our maps and data are specially formatted to organize and streamline any area of your business affected by geography or demographics.  With data from the top providers in the format that fits your criteria, GbBIS creates customized solutions to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how our custom business solutions can improve your company.



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