USPS’s ‘Every Door’ Mailing Service Gains Traction

It looks like GbBIS isn’t the only company offering organizational tools to help businesses streamline their direct mailing.  The US Postal Service released its ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ service last year, and it’s becoming a popular choice among companies looking for a cost-effective way to send advertising materials to every house in a neighborhood. 


Although many see uncertainty in the future of the US Postal Service, it seems they have released a new service that is gaining traction among businesses that send direct mail.  USPS’s ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ service allows businesses to send advertising materials to every address on a particular letter-carrier delivery route at the discounted price of 14.5 cents per piece – about a nickel less than regular, presorted bulk mail. The Postal Service provides maps of carrier routes, and each mailing is limited to 5,000 pieces.  Originally, the service got off to a slow start, generating few mailings in the first months, but in Tucson, Arizona the number of mailings through the program grew to 58 in May from 39 in April; the Postal Service already has processed a dozen mailings so far this month, according to a Tucson postal official. 


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All sorts of businesses rely on direct mail to reach potential customers and establish name and brand recognition: restaurants, landscaping companies, pharmacies, dry cleaners and flower shops, to name a few.  Sarena Keneston, Tucson-based director of marketing for a Domino’s Pizza franchisee, said the new service has saved the company “thousands of dollars” and better targeted mailings of promotional offers.  “For us, it’s really important because we don’t want to be mailing to people we don’t deliver to,” Keneston said.

However, the program does have its drawbacks.  “It is not the perfect fit for every promotional campaign,” says Rob Soler, customer-relations coordinator for the Postal Service inTucson.  “However, if a business wants to reach all potential customers in a specific geographic area, this works.”

While the ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ service seems to be catching on inArizona, it might not be the best fit for every business’s needs.  What GbBIS offers its clients is a system that helps them reach the customers that are most likely to respond to their direct mail, saving them money, and making their direct mail more effective.  With a collection of mapping, web application, demographic and postal data products, GbBIS helps your company identify the carrier routes that have the greatest number of households with your target demographic.  We create mailing lists based on your demographic and geographic criteria, and even mark web-based maps with each location receiving your direct mail materials.  Our newly released ZIP+4 demographic data is designed to help you manage your direct mail with detail and precision.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how we can streamline your direct mailing with our collection of maps, data, web applications, and much more.


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