Brazil’s Franchise Boom

The number of franchises in Brazil has been steadily growing since 2002, leading many franchise owners to seek out the means to help put their business ahead of the competition.  GbBIS’s web applications and maps would certainly be powerful tools for these new and established franchisees. 


Between 2002 and 2010, the number of young Brazilians aged between 18 and 24 who took a chance at becoming an entrepreneur rose by 74%, according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.  While previously, the dream of young Brazilians was to work for a well-regarded, big business in the private or public sectors, things seem to have changed.  Yet, inBrazil, starting a company completely from scratch remains a difficult feat, leading to the popularity of franchises—the simplest and safest way to run your own business.

In 2011, the franchising sector generated profits of 89bn reals ($44bn) and it is responsible for 837,000 jobs.  This year,Brazil’s franchising industry is expected to grow yet again, by 15% in terms of profits and by 10% in terms of the number of franchisees across what now stands at 2,031 brands.  Why are franchises experiencing such growth inBrazil?  According to Maria Cristina Franco, vice president of the Brazilian Association of Franchising, politics has had a great effect: “Our franchising system has passed through many political and economical moments and that helped improve it…We showed maturity and consolidated a system that became a model to the whole world.”

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Brazilians from all corners of the job market—stock traders, business administrators, veterinarians—have left their jobs to become their own bosses in cosmetic, tea, and restaurant franchises.  The franchise model is regarded as a safe investment, though it has both its positive and negative sides.  “The franchiser has already developed the methodology, he has his suppliers, knows his target and his communication strategy, for example,” explains Jaqueline Costa, head of the franchising division of Sebrae.  The disadvantage is that the entrepreneur doesn’t have much space for creativity. Everything is already standardized, with plenty of rules to follow.

In a market with booming franchises, organizational tools become an important aspect of staying ahead of the competition.  GbBIS offers browser-based web applications to help franchise owners better visualize their franchise territory coverage, gauge the effectiveness of their territories using demographic data, and much more.  Direct Mail Management is a web application that streamlines your direct mailing, helps to increase ROI and cut costs.  With applications such as Franchise Territory Management, Franchise Territory Maps, Demographic Data and Business Mailing Lists, GbBIS can equip you with the organizational tools to give your franchise an advantage over the competition.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how our web applications and maps can help improve your franchise.


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