TomTom Co-Founder Says Map-Based Cars are the Future

GbBIS knows that geography and mapping products play a big role in the auto industry; it’s hard to come by a newer model car without some sort of built-in GPS system.  Some industry leaders, such as TomTom co-founder Peter-Frans Pauwels, believe that the invention of a map-based car isn’t implausible.  In fact, he believes map-based cars are the future. 

“The future of motoring, including advances in eco-efficiency, driverless cars and safer roads will rely heavily on the quality of mapping and map data,” according to TomTom’s co-founder Peter-Frans Pauwels.  “The navigation experience is the first step and the real time availability of maps already helps manage congestion and traffic flow.  But we believe that having the car use more powerful maps will help manufacturers make cars safer and smarter in the future.”

Map-based cars equipped with the most accurate and detailed maps could enable some never-before seen features in automobiles: headlights that adjust angles when coming to a bend in the road, the most efficient route selection based on transportation and traffic data, and even power and navigation for the driverless car projects we’ve seen trialed by Google and Volvo.  Integrating cars with the most detailed and precise mapping databases would certainly produce some innovative solutions for delivery companies, businesses with company cars, and many more.

When asked if he thinks that the advanced technology in smartphones would change the in-car navigation experience, Pauwels commented: “We believe car navigation lives and belongs in the car, not on a smarphone. Deeper integration into the vehicle will deliver the best user experience.”  Taking the advanced navigation technology in smartphones and placing it into vehicles would certainly reduce the abundant distractions we already have in our cars; we don’t need any more reasons to look at our phones while driving.

GbBIS’s mapping data is among the most accurate and will perhaps one day will be used to navigate a driverless car.  Until that day comes, we can provide you with the transportation and traffic data in the format that best fits your business’s needs and applications.  Use our data to increase the efficiency of your delivery routes, to identify the best advertising locations based on vehicle traffic, and much more.  While we can’t supply you with a driverless delivery truck, we can provide you with the necessary tools to design the quickest, most cost-efficient delivery routes.  We offer our transportation data on maps, as spreadsheet reports, as browser-based web applications, and as databases compatible with ESRI, MapInfo, and other mapping software vendors.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how our transportation data can be formatted to best fit your business needs.

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