Youtube Sensation Achieves Success: But Don’t Call it a Cooking Show


Like we’ve always said here at GbBIS: demographics play a key role in every business strategy.  For the brains behind Youtube’s highly-caloric web show, “Epic Meal Time,” knowing their audience helped the creators turn a profit on their web series.  With episodes showing how to prepare a Lasagna made with 45 burgers, liquor and bacon, a “boss bacon burger” with ground bacon, stuffed with bacon, covered in bacon sauce and topped with bacon strips, and a deep-fried PB and J tower filled with jars of Nutella and bacon, the chefs behind “Epic Meal Time” knew that their show was geared toward a specific demographic.

“It’s not a cooking show. It’s a celebration of food show,” insists Harley Morenstein, the 26-year-old face of “Epic Meal Time.”

A couple of years ago, Morenstein was a substitute teacher who had dreams of hitting it big on the Internet. He said he and his friends dabbled in web contests, and even won an award from pianist and composer John Tesh for a tribute video.  They hit it big with “Epic Meal Time,” which now boasts more than 2.4 million subscriptions on their Youtube channel.


Their success didn’t come by accident. Morenstein and his buddies decided there was a market for an Internet food show and licensed the domain name, “Epic Meal Time,” even before posting their first video.  Knowing that their audience would share their same intense (some would say unhealthy) love for food, they began posting videos showing how to prepare bacon heavy meals, complete with Jack Daniels in…well, everything.  Their notorious Thanksgiving episode included a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig—a meal that packed upwards of 72,000 calories.

So how did an internet series turn a profit?  The “Epic Meal Time” guys began to merchandise in true “Epic” style, gearing their products towards their audience.  Selling everything from bacon salt to bacon popcorn to bacon spread, Morenstein and company turned “Epic Meal Time” into a brand.  “It’s more than just a show,” Morenstein said. “We have a whole merchandised line… There’s so many aspects to it that I never thought I would be involved in.”

Because the “Epic Meal Time” guys identified and knew their audience so well, they were able to turn a profit on their online “celebration of food” show.  In the business world, knowing your customers makes all the difference.  GbBIS helps companies identify their customers, locate them on maps, and plan marketing strategies around their target demographic.  With demographic data from the top providers at our disposal, GbBIS can help you maximize profits, cut costs, and target your marketing more effectively.  Our demographic data comes in a variety of formats, ensuring that we have the right format to fit your business’s specific needs and applications.

Contact GbBIS today to discover how our superior data can help you make better business decisions.

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