Video-Calling Company Experiences Explosive Growth

18 months ago, Tango was just another unknown scrappy venture trying to make it inSilicon Valley.  Yet, within 10 days of introducing its free mobile video-calling service for smartphones over 3G, 4G and wi-fi, Tango amassed a million users.  “No company is ready for that,” says co-founder and chief technology officer Eric Setton, regarding the almost overnight success of his company.  Tango had quickly transformed into an emergent enterprise, putting it head-to-head with established giants such as Google, Apple, and Skype.  A month after launching the service “we almost choked”, Setton recalls, flooded with more work then their employees could handle.  In order to survive, Setton realized that his operation would have to expand.

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Somehow, despite the explosive growth, the fledgling start-up managed to keep its service running, while finding a way to recruit the new employees it so desperately needed.  Today, Tango has 90 engineers supporting 45 million users worldwide. According to company estimates, usage of its service is expected to reach 100 million by the end of the year.  Tango hires roughly one new employee every week and Setton claims that he spends roughly a third of his time recruiting staff.

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