Release Date for Tesla’s Model S Car May Be Sooner Than Expected

USelectric car maker Tesla Motors has pushed forward the release date of its brand new Model S electric car.  The company recently claimed that it was close to completing safety tests on its Model S saloon and could begin delivering the car to customers in June, a month earlier than expected.  “We plan to continue making customer deliveries on a slow, methodical ramp, and remain confident in our target of 5,000 vehicle deliveries by year end,” chief executive Elon Musk said in a letter to shareholders.  The announcement of this earlier release date prompted Tesla Motors’ stock to rise earlier this week.  The electric car maker expects 90% of its revenue this year to come from the release of the Model S.

A large company like Tesla Motors does its research before it releases a new product like the Model S.  It needs to know who its customers are, where they are located, and how to target their marketing to their customer base.  Recognizing the demographics of your customer base can help your company when it comes to marketing, direct mailing, managing sales and franchise territories, and much more.

GbBIS offers its clients the most accurate demographic and Census data from the top providers.  Using population statistics and demographics, your business can accurately locate potential customers, effectively target your marketing, and improve any area of your business affected by demographics.  GbBIS has roughly 10,000 demographic data variables available for almost every level of geography.  If you wanted to know how many males over the age of 25 lived within a ZIP Code+4 area, GbBIS can help you.  If you wanted to know the average income for the neighborhoods surrounding your business, GbBIS can help you.  We can generate consumer mailing lists tailored to your demographic specifications, making your direct mailing more efficient.  Use GbBIS demographic data to cut costs and increase results.

GbBIS demographic data



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