GbBIS’s Mobile Locator Makes it Easier for Customers to Locate Businesses

Most business websites have a way for customers to find the closest business locations to them.  In fact, it’s almost a necessity to have some sort of store locator application on your business website.  Customers need a way to easily access your location information, and—whether it’s a location map that marks all store locations within a certain distance, or a simple set of driving directions—businesses need a way of getting their location information into the hands of their customers.  Although, with the advent of interactive web maps, a simple set of driving directions may not be enough anymore.  Companies often suffer from websites that have inaccurate location information, locator maps that are inaccessible from mobile devices, or don’t cohere with the style, logos, or colors of their website.  Businesses need the most accurate, most accessible and most user-friendly locator applications on their websites in order to get the greatest number of customers into their stores. 

GbBIS’s Mobile Locator is a web application that integrates seamlessly into a businesses website.  It is custom-made to match the color schemes, logos, and style of any business.  The GbBIS Mobile Locator allows your website visitors to find the closest of your locations to them by typing in their address, ZIP Code, city, or state.  The Mobile Locator generates a web map marking the closest locations, lists store information for each location, and provides driving directions as well as turn by turn navigation.  GbBIS’s superior data ensures the accuracy of your web map, displaying the correct streets, the correct locations, and providing precise navigation.

With accessibility over all platforms—allowing your customers to find you whether they are visiting your website from their smartphone, tablet, or home computer—the GbBIS Mobile Locator ensures that that your customers will have the easiest time finding your locations no matter where they are.

Want to Learn more about GbBis? Visit our newly launched Website!

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